Silver interconnect cable from Xsangsane - please advise on plugs?

There is a pure OCS silver, with square conductors, made by the Chinese cable company Xsangsane, that I would really like to try:

That cable is very similar in construction to the Neotech Nemoi 1220, and - according to a few friends of mine who compared both - sounds even better at a cheaper price.

I now have to choose some connectors for it, they have to be cheap but good sounding.

Here are my picks so far:

this one I already know, I have some on a piece of 47Labs OTA cable, and to my ears that cable sounds great. Haven’t compared the same cable with other plugs tho. Soldering is a pain, also, as the plastic body of the connector melts quite easily. It has brass center pin with either silver or copper plating:

This one is the same plug but with tellurium copper center pin. Still cheap, probably sounds better (?) still a pain to solder, I suppose ^^ still it is the one I’m leaning towards:

And then there’s this one, which seems more "conventional" but is, according to my friend who recommended the cable in the first place (the guy has his own brand of tube electronics and speakers, in France) the "best sounding plug he’s tried, and mechanically sound" and he’s tried many... but it is a bit more expensive (might not seem to matter but I’m having a rough time financially at the moment and, with an active tri-amped system, I need a lot of plugs!):

which plugs would you guys choose, and why?

Other possible options are also welcome. I’d love to try Viborg’s new pure silver plugs but they’re far out of my budget.






I'd select the last one you listed, which is the one your friend selected. I like it best because it's silver-plated copper and I believe of the selections you listed that one will sound best.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like the actual cable is silver plated and not a 99% or 5/N solid silver cable.



@lak the cable has two square/flat solid core conductors made of pure silver, one silver plated stranded copper drain wire, and the shielding mesh is also silver plated copper. I wouldn't buy a silver plated cable, specially not at that price (which is rather expensive for a Chinese cable!)

Thanks for the input, guys, I might just go for the ones my friend recommended :-)

I would advice a plug with rhodium plating. Pure silver emphasizes the decay of the sound. Rhodium counteracts by emphasizing the attack/transient.

Monosaudio A200R or RAMM 30891-RT are good options. The first is a low mass pure copper design, the second is solderless and tellurium copper design.