Silver Speaker Cables

I would like to try silver speaker cables. I have always been curious as to how they would affect the sound of my system. That said, I have a very limited budget. Is there such a thing as low priced silver cables? If so, recommendations?

Thanks all!



As far as sound is concerned, hardly anything noticeable even with the most sophisticated measuring equipment, including your ears.As far as your wallet is concerned, a great reduction in its thickness.Measured in ohms, the difference in the resistance of 24-gauge, 1000-foot-long silver and copper wire is a mere 2 ohms. Your connections are likely to have more resistance since some of them are likely to be brass.And... you are very unlikely to use 24 gauge wire for a 1000 feet.Basically, NO DIFFERENCE.Others who claim otherwise need to see audiologists as usual is the case in this forum.

@cakyol It’s rather sad if you can’t hear the difference in speaker cables. IMHO either your ears and/or system is sub-par. There’s much more to cable design than gauge or resistance.  Live happily in your ignorance, but your impressions fly very much in the face of almost everyone here. Either you’re right, or 95% of the rest of us here are right. I’ll leave it up to the OP to make his own decision.



Others who claim otherwise need to see audiologists as usual is the case in this forum.

If that’s been your personal listening experience, then so be it. It’s quite a contrast from mine. Very easily heard and distinct differences in my audio system. People will have different outcomes. I don’t disregard yours and you shouldn’t disregard mine. Quality silver cables are unquestionably a sonic benefit in my system.


I'm going to suggest a speaker cable that's silver in name only

Take a look at the Silversmith Fidelium 

When I put them in my system the benefits were immediate and significant

Somewhat akin to hearing my entire music catalog in a fresh and new format

Many raise the hair on your arm and head shaking my my my moments

A tremendous price performer, IMHO

Lots of techno detail in this youtube review but if you want to cut to the chase, the readers digest condensed summary version is the Fideliums are game changers

Enjoy the journey


@charles1dad : you are really paying attention to what @cakyol says? You are completely wasting your time and the internet ink 😂. There are a few handful of dudes here, including Jason Bourne (see above, pretty much the very first poster on every single cable thread, never misses), who post the same thing over and over for years. It’s like a broken clock. And it’s their unfortunate life goals, their raison d'être, so to speak

In response, @jasonbourne52 and myself are probably only the few ones here who speak the reality and see past the pretentiousness of being able to hear music in a vacuum or the difference that unobtanium cables introduce.

Peace :-)