Silver Speaker Cables

I would like to try silver speaker cables. I have always been curious as to how they would affect the sound of my system. That said, I have a very limited budget. Is there such a thing as low priced silver cables? If so, recommendations?

Thanks all!



I don't know cakyol. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and respect their comments/experiences no matter if similar or dissimilar to my own. Now if I begin to realize that one is simply trolling for attention/disruption, I'll just ignore them.


@charles1dad :

I don’t know cakyol.

Well, I do 😉

…. respect their …. experiences

There are typically no experiences. They just know

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In response, probably @jasonbourne52 and myself are probably only the few ones here who speak the reality and see past the pretentiousness of being able to hear music in a vacuum or the difference that unobtanium cables introduce.

Peace :-)

All I can say is: 😂😂


Tell me one thing though. Please help me understand. If the cables is definitely not a topic that interests you much, why do you keep posting on every single cable forum? Logically, if something, anything, does not interest me, I just ignore it. Common sense. No?

Sometimes I wish I were a specialist in psychology and mental health studies. This would be a perfect case study on what motivates people in their life & endeavors 



I am just inviting everyone to be real and not give in to suggestive thinking. Try & look at it as a free service I provide :-)

The only sonic difference you would be able to hear between a $50 cable and a >= $1000 cable is the swooshing sound it would make as the money leaves your wallet.

Well, if that's how he feels and perceives things, we have little in common with regard to audio matters. We'll just go our separate ways.