Silver vs. Cooper speakers cables

I want to know if silver cables are really better than cooper.
Up to the moment I use Audioquest Volcano biwire cooper cables but many people recomend move to silver for my Tannoy Speakers.
Pure silver or hibrid cooper silver ?
AQ silver cables are very expensive, but I can saw that there are many silver cables at very affordable price like Silver Audio or Analysis Plus.
Please let your opinions and recomendations.
Whether or not silver is a good choice depends primarily on two factors. One, the quality of your components ahead of the cables should be quite refined since you might expose high end harshness that you didn't know was there (IMO). Second, your personal preference should be toward a detailed rather than a musical presentation (again IMO or let's make it IMHO).

I have Tannoy NFM8's in a project studio. Personally, I would not use silver speaker cables (biases evident from above comments). That said, I do use Silver Audio BL1 II in bulk to make my own interconnect cables for my guitar equipment to capture and maintain high end sparkle from the guitar strings. This cable is priced right, sounds good, and is very easy to work with when making your own cables with both balanced and single ended connectors.
Addendum: I also use Silver Audio Q10 and T14 silver coated copper speaker cables in my home theater system. This was a nice synergy between an NAD processor, 7 ASL Wave 8 amps, and Soliloquy speakers. My main tube-based system , however uses all copper 47 Labs OTL for interconnects and speaker wire. As I often hear from discussions on A'gon, it's often if not always about synergy among system components and personal taste.
Have all the people that are recommending your use of silver listened to your stereo?

Do you like how your system sounds? Are you trying to change something specifically?

Regardless of recommendations, the final outcome is to try them in your system & decide for yourself.

I took a quick look at your threads & notice they follow a pattern. Perhaps you need to optimize what you have before embarking on another upgrade/change. I'd suggest a full evaluation of the room, including the AC and you could start w/spkr placement, which is the easiest way to change the presentation.

Once you have a baseline, you can move in the direction needed to achieve the results you wish to obtain.