Silver vs Copper cables

I've been reading the forums and noticed a few comments that silver made ic's and speaker cables sound better with solid state equipment. Would this mean copper cables sound better with tubes? Why is this? Thanks.
I must not speak (type) clearly. From the outset my point has been this, I don't believe copper or silver cables need to be put in their own "box", ie. silver does this and copper does that.

John, you are accusing me of things that are just not true. I have never said that what I like is the only way. I am just not sure of your flavoring system.

Newbee, as far as tone controls, I am saying I do not believe in telling someone they have to tone down their system by using copper cables. I guess I'd rather go another route than mask the problem. BUT, as I said before, if one is happy, that is all that matters, and I mean that when I say it, I am not being smart.
I would agree with some of what everyone has said, especially Dean!

I don't think it is that easy to attribute sonic characteristics to a particular metal. I have had silver cables that were bright and etched, and ultimately undesirable. So I replaced them with another silver cable from a different company. Everything the former did to annoy, the later allowed me to enjoy.

I wonder if some of it has to do with the quality of the wire itself. I'm not a metalurgist, or any other urigist for that matter, but all the talk of 'crystals' and crap like that makes me wonder if lesser quality wire is more problematic.

Why does some wire sound great while others sound... less great. There is not the consistancy there ought to be if it was just 'metal' dependant.
The quality of the wire (silver or copper), shielding, and the dielectric along with construction is what makes the difference. Another tibit, along with silver being the better conducter, is that silver oxide conducts current while copper oxide does not......not sure what it all means, but it is good trivia.

Well, I got my well regarded Reality Cables today.
100% copper (or some variation of 99.99999999% give or take a few nines). They have OFC connectors.

I have been using the well regarded RS Audio Silver IC's.
100% silver (or some variation of 99.99999999% give or take a few nines). Silver connectors.

I have a source with two sets of Audio L/R outputs so can have them both hooked up and switch the selector on my integrated amp instantly to A/B.

This is like Ali/Frazier, Bird/Magic, McEnroe/Connors.

Let the games begin.
This will no doubt prove once and for all for all aduio enthusiast which is better between Cooper or Silver IC's; with my source, with my amp, and with my speakers, in my room, on my couch, with my ears....

Well, I guess it will not prove a damn thing except which I might like better in my setup-but I will report back nonetheless for entertainment purposes.