silverline vs von schweikert

Hi, does anyone have opinions about silverline sonata III vs. Von Schweikert VR4 JR's. The main things I am curious about are ease of room placement, versatility in terms of types of music they perform best with and if the need arises, with proper power, which one will be more likely to blow your hat off at 10 feet? (I am exagerating but you know what I mean)Once again Thanks for any input!!!
I use to power my VR4JRs with a 300 watt/channel SS Bryston 4BST and they sounded fantastic. I now use a 75 watt/channel tube McIntosh MC275 and they sound even better. So, power alone isn't the deternining factor.
That's interesting Jgiacalo, I've been kicking around the tube idea. I will seriously consider that option. I imagine I'll be asking some more questions after I do some homework. Thank you guys for sharing!
I did better with my 50 Watt tube amp also. I used to use a 200wpc SS. So, I think it may have been an isolated situation. Quality over quantity has worked for me.
I can't offer an opinion about the VR4 JR's but I have the Sonata III and they are absolutely wonderful. I drive them with Rogue stereo 90's. They are not finicky on placement, placement close to a wall is no problem. Plus they are absolutely gorgeous to look at. I listen to everything except country, rap, heavy metal and the Sonata's simply sing. I think they are at the pinnacle of their performance with vocals. Lush.
You look pretty content and comfortable in your listening chair with your feet up ;-)

How is the diagonal set up working for you in regards to your room acoustics Yohjo?