Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables

I have used Cardas cables for a few years now, Cygnus and Clear and figured when finances allowed I would move to Clear Beyond. I became aware or the Silversmith cables and was astounded by what I read, when I investigated and found out about their 30 day return policy I figured I had nothing to lose so I swapped them out for my Clear cables between my Luxman L509X amd ML ESL 11As and cannot believe the improvement! They simply do everything better, they are everything that I heard they were. Not just great " for the price" but for me an end game. I've been upgrading for 3 decades and never thought I could have such outstanding sound. I've learned so much from this forum that I had to share my experience and give something back. My Kuzma Stabi R, 4 point 11, Pass XP-25,, Dyna XV-1s, and Esoteric X-01 D2 I all got from Audiogon people and I am very grateful. I hope Jeff Smith and Silversmith get the recognition they deserve. Anyone looking for speaker cables needs to try them, nothing to lose. They're not leaving my room! Be well, Joe.


i just have to chime in that while the cables didn't work with my amp (Luxman M900 U---either the binding posts were too oddly shaped OR the amp didn't like the inductance), Jeff Smith turned out to be everything an audiophile could hope for.

despite the fact that my cables were returned in 'not nearly as new' condition, i received a full refund. 

Jeff is the kind of man you can be confident in doing business with. and with a 30 day trial, there's 0.0 risk for you. 

(no comment on the cables, as i never heard them)

Did Jeff have the interconnects at an audio show recently? I could have sworn that there was a room at CAF or another show that was using them.

I check in with him every few months on the interconnects, but anyone heard anything recent.

He mentioned that the alloy for the higher tier speaker cable was selected but the process of getting them to market was still a couple years off.

The other thing that blows my mind with Jeff is he wasn’t big on power cords aside from recommending using cheater plugs. I’ll echo rhyno’s comments- Jeff is fantastic to do business with. Always friendly.


@millercarbon So you’ve moved on from these? Did you settle on Townshend Fractals?

Spoke to Jeff the other day.

I got the feeling that late Spring/early Summer will be the release date.


Faint praise from a beginner audiophile who never tried the cable.

Rave on Bro....