Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables

I have used Cardas cables for a few years now, Cygnus and Clear and figured when finances allowed I would move to Clear Beyond. I became aware or the Silversmith cables and was astounded by what I read, when I investigated and found out about their 30 day return policy I figured I had nothing to lose so I swapped them out for my Clear cables between my Luxman L509X amd ML ESL 11As and cannot believe the improvement! They simply do everything better, they are everything that I heard they were. Not just great " for the price" but for me an end game. I've been upgrading for 3 decades and never thought I could have such outstanding sound. I've learned so much from this forum that I had to share my experience and give something back. My Kuzma Stabi R, 4 point 11, Pass XP-25,, Dyna XV-1s, and Esoteric X-01 D2 I all got from Audiogon people and I am very grateful. I hope Jeff Smith and Silversmith get the recognition they deserve. Anyone looking for speaker cables needs to try them, nothing to lose. They're not leaving my room! Be well, Joe.