Sim Audio question...

Hi All!

I am considering buying a Sim Audio integrated amp. It has those spikes for feet and I don't want to use them on my acrylic rack.

Does Sim provide two different types of feet with their products?
Ebay has those disc protectors for a very reasonable price.
Just type in speaker spikes and the first set of 4 was only $8.
Hope this helps.
I believe the Simaudio components come with the protector discs that accomodate their feet. Shouldn't be a problem. I would confirm with a Sim dealer or by calling Sim directly.
All Sim gear comes with very small disks/cups. I use an evolution CD player on a clear acrylic rack with no problems.
Get a nice maple platform to put it on. Or four pennies.
I have had a Sim I5 two differant times and have thought about it again. Don't let the fine points get in your way. There are so many solutions to your problem.
You don't need a wooden platform or pennies. ALL SIM GEAR COMES WITH SMALL DISKS/PUCKS!!!
They work just fine.