Simaudio 400m / 860A vs PS Audio BHK250

Any thoughts on the Simaudio 400M vs 860A? My PS Audio BHK250 is blasting me with heat and I'm looking for other options. My tiny room is 9 by 13 by 8 and is upstairs and south facing so it gets the sun and heat all day. Running the home AC will get the downstairs cool, but this room doesn't stay comfortable with the BHK running and is causing me to end listening sessions short and irritated. I'm not sure I'm open to class D since I'm not willing to have a bigger cash outlay for class D to try to hopefully get to an equal playing ground ats the BHK250.  

The Simaudio 400M runs cooler, but then again is two chassis so maybe not. I'm concerned I'll loose detail and sonics moving to a less costly amp. I'd love a 860A and know the sonics would improve, but according to Stereophile the fins get up to 110 degrees which would only be 10 percent cooler than my BHK 250 and I'm curious if I'd even notice the change. Thoughts and opinions?


I am in a similar situation as you. I want to get a good cool running SS amp. I am using CJ Premiere 12 and doubt a SS amp can please me lol

I own 400Ms - they run significantly cooler than my previous McIntosh MC 302 and NAD C375BEE. They can get warm to the touch versus hot.

My space is bigger and I commonly listen 75-85 dbs. I have the Moon 390 and Rega P8 and have SF Olympia Nova Vs.

I can’t compare the difference in sound between the 400M and 860A. I am very happy with my gear (previously I had McIntosh C2600/MC302 with Moon 280D) and it’s transparency, detail and weight.

I have heard 860V2 and it’s amazing when I heard it in a $100k system (Linn’s new DAC, Moon 700 series preaamp and Wilson Sasha DAWs). I’d be inclined to by the 400Ms because you get 100% in year 1 on a trade-up and 75% on year 2 on a trade up.

Let us know how it goes.

@jimbones I'm to the point to where I find a cooler amp or buy 20ft runs of interconnects and 20ft runs of speaker cable and keep the amp and pre in another room. We'll see how that goes if I do.