Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s

Hello Everyone,
I have narrowed it down to two int amps for my contour 20 speakers. My current room is 15 x 20ish and I am trying to decide between simaudio moon 600i v2 or the supernait 3. I have listened to them at different times in different stores but with the same speakers so I cant directly compare. I am looking for blacker backgrounds, better separation good bass control and of course good vocals etc.. I have bluesound node 2i connected to an external dac. I am strictly intersted in these 2 int amps. I know Simaudio is almost twice as expensive (if both units are bought brand new) but either could be had as used for a lot cheaper than their MSRP.
Any recommendations and experiences would be highly recommended. Again I am only intersted in simaudio 600i v2 or the supernait 3.

Thank you thank you!!!
Hi denverfred,

Not sure if that question is directed at my recent post, nor if you're asking a general etiquette question. If you're asking whether or not it's proper etiquette to tip a dealer for demoing a product you intend to purchase elsewhere, that may be something you and the dealer can work out. That's not my situation and doesn't really have a bearing on my question.

If you have experience with Octave or Simaudio amps and Dynaudio Contours, I'd welcome any experience you have.
The Simaudio for sure without a doubt. I have the i5.3 which is fantastic, essentially predating the 600i with the exception of independent toroidal transformers per channel. The Sim dual-mono design is amongst some of the best money can buy. The volume and balance control designs alone on the 600i V2 are a win out. Moon equipment also holds it's value better than most gear out there in the long run. Much more exclusive company.
probably late, curious to know what you got, but from my experience, I have the 600i v1 and love it. I found it pairs extremely well with Dynaudio.
I think finding the right combination/synergy is almost as important as what "sounds good"
The only 2 I was comparing with was with the Moon and Hegel H390. 
I have a demo now of 600i v1 and like it a lot, but also considering the Hegel h390 or h590.
Would appreciate your comparison of 600i and Hegel.


This post is about affirmation period.

so buy the Moon at twice the price it is after all how you judge sound is by the $$$$$ spent right?