Simaudio Neo 400M vs. Parasound JC-1

I am interested in feedback on the Simaudio 400M monoblocks vs. the Parasound JC-1. The JC-1 is an older design that is very well known and loved. There is a lot less feedback on the 400M's (and Simaudio stuff in general), however, the few reviews I found said the 350P+400M sounds great.

I currently use a Simaudio 340i integrated amp with Monitor Audio PL300 speakers. I do like the 340i in general so I was thinking of a lateral move to the Simaudio 350P pre-amp in conjunction with the switch to monoblocks.

Any comments on the 400M's vs the JC1's ?


For reference,

If you like the 340i, why don't you go up to the 600i or 700i. They are both dual mono integrated amps.

I have the 600i and think it's the best I've ever had.

I have had the combo you are asking about for about 3 years.. all i can say is.. POWER! they are great I rarly turned up the volume knob more than 1/4 range, sounded great with truly awesome headroom and super efficent rarly get beyond a little "warm"

I recently sold/ traded mine for the W8- and 740P combo.
you should be able to pick those up for a good price i only got 6k for all three pieces. (i should have kept as I got used to all the power, now i frequently have to have the power up about 1/2 range for same volume.

Im am a sim "fanboy" now any specific questions let me know!!
good luck and enjoy whatever you get.
I have demoed the JC1's, and currently own a pair of Moon Neo 400M's...and can tell you the Moons are beyond sick.

I prefer the sound of the Moon monoblocks...but at the end of the day it is truly subjective, and down to the listener.

Listen to both if you can....but you really cant go wrong with Moon amps....and don't get me started on the Evolution monoblocks....which give ANY amp a run for its money.  Cool thing is there is a lot of trickle down in the "cheap" $9000 Moon Neo 400Ms from the Evo the sound is much more similar than different.
No doubt the Parasound are quality amps and legit bang for buck but Parasound / Simaudio is not a real fair fight.

Simaudio makes some of the best gear on the planet. dynamic, uber-transparent, airy, spacious, big wide and deep sound stage, inky black quiet, extended, tight and clean while being vibrant and colorful with some sheen and inherent warmth. That’s their stick and it is also happens to be the whole ball of wax right there as far as really-really good SS gear. These are not their Evo amps but the word is they sound awfully close.

Parasound is sold stuff but they play in another league. The Sim gear is legit, seriously good and creamy ss gear... No contest what so ever IMO...