Simaudio P8/W8 or Latest 740P/860A????

Want to upgrade my Simaudio 700I to separates. I can go for NOS Simaudio P8/W8 or their newest 740P/860A for the same price. The P8/W8 has now been discontinued but may be a better value and provide better listening than the second combination. I have not had a chance to audition the P8/W8 as the dealer with them is 1000 miles away. I own Dynaudio C2S' and would like to get the best bang for the buck. Could anyone that has owned either of the above please give me their impression and opinions. I cannot afford to jump to their 850P. My main source is their 750D.
WOW I just saw your post, too bad I was not more timely..
what did you end up doing?
how do u like it?

I have decided to co a similar route and saw you post with NO responses!!??

I can try to give you mine..
I'M coming from Sim 350P/ w M400 monos.
very nice sounding not to mention POWERFUL.. the volume knob rarly gets more than 1/4 turn is all I can handle.

I now have Focal Aria 948 speakers and wanted to try the higher end Evolution series,.. Sooooo I got a used sim 740P/ and W/8 amp..
WOW!!! is all i can say, more base, yet tighter controlled. Im not a professional reviewer so I dont have all the fancy words phrases and desciptions, suffice to say im VERY happy I did.
considering I got a "good deal" paying 9k for BOTH units! I think is good?

hard to notice the lesser power of the w/8 as it is compensated bu the better resolution and quality LOVE the volume control like you can see it across the room,

I didnt like how the 350P had no volume level indicator where someone could crank it and you wouldnt know till you turned it on! GRRRRRR  possibly damaging equipment AND you ears.

I had a  Simaudio 600I with Revel F52s and loved it.

I then upgraded speakers to Magico S1s and found I wanted a bit more power and decided to go with separates.    Since the Magico's are very neutral and the Simaudio sound is very detailed and a little forward (but certainly not bright) I went with a Pass Labs X250.8 amplifier to get a bit of warmth.   After trying the amplifier with a Pass preamp (X10) and Hegel (P20) I tried a SimAudio 740P and it and the X250.8 sounded amazing together!   Definitely a BIG step up on my 600I and the other two separate combinations I had tried. 

I've never heard the W8 or 860A so can't compare them with the Pass amplifier, but keep that combo in mind.

If your speakers slant towards warmth or a darker sound the all Simaudio combo might be best; but if not, the Pass (music has a little warmth, great timber, and soundstage) along with the the 740P (by far the most neutral preamp I've had in my system along with throwing an amazing soundstage and adding a feel of depth/3-Dimensionality to the music)  is killer.    

Good Luck!