Simon Yorke and VPI

Hi Folks:

Not only is a Simon Yorke table a work of kinetic art, the original S7 was one of the most rhythmic musical tables that I ever heard. This was several years ago.

Now, having heard the VPI Classic in two distinctly different systems, I can also state, without hesitation, that the Classic is a true reference turntable with a sound that rivals $10K plus machines. My jaw is still on the floor with what the Classic delivers for the price. I like it better than the stock HRX. The HRX with another arm is another discussion.

I am wondering if anyone has compared the Classic to the sound of the Simon Yorke, either the S7 or the newer 9 or 10?

Thanks for the info.

CT Audio Society
What cart did you use it with? Is it possible that the cart just happens to be better matched with the VPI?
I think the Simon Yorke's are fairly rare...I'd love to be able to hear one soon...