Simplest Linear PSU?

Which linear power supplies can you recommend that have the least amount of miniaturized SMD and semiconductor nonsense?

I wish Audionote made a stand alone PSU. I know Weiss does, it looks good, but pricey. Looking for something simple already made to DIY with.

thanks in advance!!




@charles1dad Eventually as a consumer it becomes subjective, like shopping for tubes or negative feedback. Many LPS that are designed for audio by well meaning people still use filtration or regulation, and to some, that can feel like the life gets kinda sucked out of their music. Ive used some popular ones talked about here and IMO they use pretty bad components (wiring, recepticals, fuses etc which can always be upgraded) that are really "thin" or "edgy" and sound unnatural to me, but some people think they are dynamic and full of bass. Etc.

Thats why for me, I want to start with a really super basic LPS and build it around my favorite sounding components. Or I guess I should build one totally from scratch but I'm not super knowledgable about transformers to my satisfaction yet.


SMD, not SMP = Surface Mount Devices

THT means through-hole devices

often the same devices, different leads. Which is why the criticism is misplaced, IMO. There are bad components of all types. And also good ones.


On the topic of SMPS (switched mode power supplies) the problem is noise.  Noise CAN be controlled, but it is difficult. That said notice some of the finest test gear now uses SMPSs.  I however, do not. And the ones we can afford are just nasty.

Yes, and there are no serious audio-grade SMD components, so as people miniaturize or design complex circuits, audio quality will suffer with these and there is no way out. Thats my only point I was making.

Although I definitely do not agree that SMD are categorically to be avoided at all costs, nevertheless it occurred to me that for those obsessed with avoiding SMDs, I would go along with a recommendation I think made by someone else to look on Ebay for laboratory grade DC power supplies. Those made by lambda or by Pharmacia, for two examples, are of very high quality well regulated and permit adjustment of voltage and current. However they are also relatively large in size, and some have fans for cooling that will make a tiny bit of noise in your listening room. They are meant for laboratory use, for real. And most likely anything you can find these days will contain semi conductors. Heaven for bid!