Single driver speakers without the pitfalls?

In researching SET amps, I have learned a lot more about the sort of high efficiency speakers that they are typically paired with, including single driver models like Omega, Blumenstein, Teresonic, etc.
The advantages of these designs are well acknowledged: coherence, imaging, high-efficiency and so forth.
At the same time, there seem to be equally well acknowledged drawbacks to these designs: Limited bass response, rolled off highs, and a harshness or "shout" in the upper midrange.
Some designers, like Tekton and Zu, seem to take the approach of getting the best of all worlds by joining a wide range driver to a tweeter of some sort. (To some extent, my Reference 3AM De Capo monitors take this approach.)
What I'm curious to learn is whether you think there are any single driver, full range systems that transcend the above limitations.
Eager to hear your thoughts.
With just a few watts only on a very small scale ie headphones. With more
power the fuller range Walsh drivers aka dale harder. Otherwise two ways
with the simple crossover designs. For full range bass off just a few watts
in most any room large drivers in bigger boxes needed. Horn loading
helps. That's how most speakers for pro use are designed, large and horn
loaded for maximum efficiency.

You can't change physics. Pressurizing a room at low frequencies requires
some muscle however one gets it. Headphones can deliver needed spl at
all frequencies with fewest watts due to proximity to eardrums.
Tannoy Westminster should be able to do it ALL, but technically that's 2 drivers (and crossover) in a coaxial configuration. Otherwise, I will never believe that any single driver (besides headphones/earspeakers) can do it all -- as mentioned above, physics cannot be cheated, especially when high quality reproduction across full bandwidth is the goal.
well, there was Yamamura...or look at the is possible but you will always have to pay for it...
For about three years I listened to these and loved their sound.
Acoustic Technologies
They were at their best with vocals, strings, small Jazz combos.