Single driver speakers without the pitfalls?

In researching SET amps, I have learned a lot more about the sort of high efficiency speakers that they are typically paired with, including single driver models like Omega, Blumenstein, Teresonic, etc.
The advantages of these designs are well acknowledged: coherence, imaging, high-efficiency and so forth.
At the same time, there seem to be equally well acknowledged drawbacks to these designs: Limited bass response, rolled off highs, and a harshness or "shout" in the upper midrange.
Some designers, like Tekton and Zu, seem to take the approach of getting the best of all worlds by joining a wide range driver to a tweeter of some sort. (To some extent, my Reference 3AM De Capo monitors take this approach.)
What I'm curious to learn is whether you think there are any single driver, full range systems that transcend the above limitations.
Eager to hear your thoughts.
The Voxativ mentioned above is interesting in that it shows a good point: that audio can get carried away with features and forget about the benefit package.

Having had several good listens, I'm amazed this speaker was given the coverage it has been given. I think it's only real impressive thing is that it sounds as good as it does while using only one driver. I think that impresses folks not because that sound is so good on an absolute basis, but rather that it's as good as it is while only having the one driver.

If that speaker were covered in fabric so nobody could tell it was a single driver system, and therefore would not have the "surprise factor" that one driver could really work, it would be derided for being so limited and having such high coloration and distortion. I doubt anyone would be trying to point out some great "directness of sound" or "magic midrange". It's like the bumblebee: it is not amazing that it flies so well as it does not. It's amazing that it flies at all.

Oh...I realize I have forgotten to point out a true strength of many single driver systems: good sensitivity. But there are much better 2 way high sensitivity systems.

I suppose another strength is that they are easy to make, and fun to play with, and appeal to some folks due to the utter simplicity along with the challenge of getting them to sound anything other than awful. But none of that has to do with great sound.

Throw rocks as you wish.
Yeh, I do not think the OP was trying to get the full range sound of single driver unit...he just wanted the best compromise you get with it.....means the most extended system using the SFD. If he wants to have it all, well he has to go for multi driver, multi amplified system using active crossovers....well another topic.
You might take a look at the Classic Audio T-7, it's the closest approach I know of to what you're looking for.

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