Single vs Bi-wire Speaker Cable

I'm going to purchase some AQ speaker cables, and am considering bi-wired AQ Robin Hood Zero vs full range William Tell Zero (with quality jumpers). The bi-wired RH is about $500 more expensive than the full range WT, but on a comparable basis, WT is the more expensive cable. Any thoughts on sound quality between the options I described above would be greatly appreciated.


I tried a bi-wire setup and found it made no difference so I went with some very good speaker cables and same brand jumpers. FWIW

Good cables wired to the bass terminals with good jumpers to the treble! 

I was drawn to Bi-wire; looked it up in Get Better Sound and went with it on my former Marantz / B&W (IA/Speaker) 2 channel speaker combo.  I was never able to "measure" an improvement, but it gave me peace of mind.

I've since upgraded to a McIntosh IA with Dynaudio speakers; neither of these offer the option to connect by Bi-wire.  So I guess if the better components don't see an advantage, then its probably just fine to do without.  But I'd probably still do it if the option existed 😉

I use William Tell Zero and it is fabulous.  That said, if you choose the single wire and jumper path, using William Tell Zero, Audioquest also sells high-quality jumpers that you can buy either as silver or copper wire.  The terminations are your choice of either spade or banana.  They are 8" in length.  Both of these jumpers use the 500 series of terminations.  The Audioquest website will show you all of these products.

Best to you.

One good cable costing say £1000 mostly trumps 2 cables costing £500 each, I would add that it is by the same cable manufacturer, so you are comparing apples with apples and you can then judge what better suits your speakers. Then you can compare equivalent value cables from other manufacturers.