Sirius radio quality vs redbook cd player

Have an Arcam FMJ 27T cd player and am also streaming my cd collection saved to HD using iTunes (lossless format) to a Zardoz (modified Airport Express). I'm considering subscribing to Sirius internet radio and streaming that to my stereo system; so I'm curious about the sound quality of Sirius internet radio vs redbook cd. Anyone have an opinion?
It's OK for listening in the car, but comparing it in my car to both FM and CD it is not nearly as good. It seems to have a brightness and hashy highs to it now that I never noticed in my last car (traded in during March). Still, for listening on the road in a non-critical environment it's acceptable.
Classic 95 said it well. After my experience w/them I will never ever do business w/them again. Proceed w/caution. Nightmare to cancel and billing issues. I could go on and on, but do some research on the internet and you can read all about them. As far as sound quality, I thought in the car it was fine. Not worth the hassles though.
Slacker radio sounds acceptable plus its fully customizable with creating stations, skipping songs and even fine tuning how dig they deep into a artist or genre. Its a great program. Sound and interface is better than Pandora.
I too enjoy Sirius...mainly listen to classical. First, if are enjoying in the car then the extra 3 dollars to stream at home is clearly a winner. I use it all the time on my Ipod touch and stream the digital into either an HRT Istreamer or into a Marantz SA8004. No not like a great CD or SACD but still good in my opinion. Maybe me but the classical stations sound better than the and other selections.

I gave it a try, got tired of the dropouts (it is line of sight to the sat, so signal is lost constantly around here. Then I put in a cd, listened to that for 5 minutes, never turned on sat radio again.

I also had to fight them to turn it off. I had completed my 2 yr. agreement, told them in writing I did not want to renew. They renewed it anyway and kept charging me. I called them and got an ear full of how it is my fault for not cancelling properly. However, they could not tell me what "properly" meant, but agreed to cancel my acct. Charges kept coming. My bank agreed to not process their attempts at whacking my card so they were cut off. Then the collection agency called. I explained the situation, the collection people agreed with me and that was the end of it.

That's my experience with sat radio. No thank you.