Sistrum platform

I have read abt the sistrum platform with interest. Can you share with me what is your experience using it as a equipment rack for amplifiers/CD/turntable? Is there a better choice for vibration/resonance control? Is it stable as a speaker stand? ease of set up ? Happy Listening. Tq
Assuming you follow all of Star Sounds instructions for proper setup, there may not be a better choice.

Following their instructions is critical when it comes to resonance energy transfer because this vibration control methodology generally requires an all-out commitment for maximum performance gains.

And the performance gains should be quite substantial after the 7 or 8 day settling in period.

mejames,stehno. Happy New Year. I m convinced abt the performance of the sistrum platform. i m buying a vpi hrx with a footprint of 25 x 19'. I wonder whether it can fit into the SP with the turntable shelf? I emailed the manufacturer but they did not give me a clear cut answer and i cant try it out cos i m fr Malaysia. Yr feedback is highly appreciated. happy listening