Sixto Rodriguez

I just picked up the audio CD & Blu-ray Searching for Sugar man. The amazing story of musician Sixto Rodriguez from the 70s to today. Sounds like Dylan or Donovan at times. Great Lyrics and just a heart warming story.
I have to agree. Sugar Man is a terrific movie and the fact that it's a true story is the icing on the cake. The vast majority of people who've seen it have rated it 5 out of 5 stars and that doesn't happen often.

And apparently this guy (Sixto Rodriguez) is still performing. In fact I saw that he's scheduled for a concert on April 19th at the Rialto Theater in Tucson AZ. I must have seen the ad about a day after the tickets went on sale and it was already sold out. Who knows, maybe I can find someone with tickets they can't use closer to his performance.

Thanks for mentioning it. I'd rate this movie a solid "must see". I ran right to my computer afterwards and ordered his movie on Blu-ray with his 2 CD albums as many viewers must have.

This movie just won The Academy Award for best documentary.I can't wait to see it!
He definitely has a Donovan sound, which might be part of the reason he didn't do well. I haven't seen the movie, but like his records
Something those of us in Detroit can be proud of. What impressed me aside from his criminally neglected musical talents was his sweet nature and centered philosophical outlook on life. Don't forget a generation of inspiration to the South African apartheid opposition movement without him even knowing, and those kids of his, this man has been doing things right no matter the missed musical opportunities. Indeed, incredible, a must see on many levels.