Size matters...need smaller speakers

It pains me to write this but alas I have finally accepted the fact that I am never going to have my own large listening room (not with real estate prices the way they are here in SoCal). The best I can hope for is my current corner of the living room or my yet to be built loft or a small den. For those of you who have read some of my posts, you know I love my Usher BE-10 speakers. They are some of the most accurate and transparent speakers I have heard. The problem is that I think they are just too big for the space I have alloted them. In the past year, I have complained a lot about my soundstaging issues (too low, too narrow). I know I can use room treatments but this is not possible in my living room and even with them, I still feel that my speakers are too darn big. I tried different toe in angles, pulling them out as far as I could, moving them away from side walls, etc. There is simply not enough room for them to breathe. Will monitors work better in smaller spaces, especially with regard to imaging and soundstaging? I think perhaps monitors with a sub could be the right way for me to go given my domestic situation.

Anyway, I do not know much about monitors and would appreciate a starting point. I prefer my speakers to be as accurate and transparent as possible. I prefer a dynamic sound that is true to the upstream components. Price does not really matter but I guess for monitors I would hope to spend less than $10K. One option is the new Usher "tiny dancer" monitor. Another is the Focal BE series. Are there others I should look that fit my preferences?

Thanks in advance.
Check out the Ridge Street audio "Sason"..Granite monitor..Reviews at stereomojo...aprox $8K Exc. reviews......
Tidal Amea! Does everything you mention, supreme musicality on top of that. Don't know whether the Amea Diacera (diamond tweeters) is already on the market, judging by the website not yet. Surely the latter will be beyond 10K, but if they hold what they promise...

You may want to look into Mark & Daniel monitor speakers, they will suit your needs and you don't really need to use them with a subwoofer.

Harmonic Precision Caravelle's would work well.

I haven't heard them, but the reviews of the Dynaudio C1's sound like they may be everything you need.
Notwithstanding the great suggestions above - perhpas you should add ATC active 20's or 50's to your audition list - you will be surprised - lots of big loud transparent clean sound in a small (but heavy/boxy) package. Neither will win any beauty contest but the imaging and dynamics may be enough to win you over. (I figure there must be ATC dealers in California that would let you audtition, as they seem to be in so many of the film and music industry studios there).

Good Luck!