Skipping on Meridian 506.20

I have about 6 years old 506.20. I burned a couple of CD-R's and tried to play it, but it skips every CD-R's. Also, I noticed that one of my original CD also skips.
Is 506 suppose to play CD-R's?
Can I clean the lens, how?
Is there any other laser adjustment or something, I can do it myself?
I would appreciate your help.
Use compressed air on the lens. A q-tip with a small amount of water/alcohol very gently will also work. The cd sits right over the lens built into the drawer. If this doesn't cure it it may need to go back to factory. It should play all forms of cd's.
I had a 506.24 & it wouldn't play all CDR's but I think it had more to do with the quality of the copy & type of blank. I would still try & clean it first.
I would be careful with compressed air as it can emit water. I have been told by maufacturers to only use a dry Q-tip. If that doesn't work it may need an adjustment.
Some of the original Philips transports used by Meridian were shipped with the wrong lubricant - such as my 500 transport - and, with age, they become less forgiving. Eventually it will skip more and more.

A quick trip to Meridian (or a locally authorized service center) for an inexensive cleaning and re-lubricating did it for me.

The only other thing Meridian said it might have been was the laser module (it wasn't in my case). That's also not too expensive.

Good luck.