Skogrand Cables?

I was very impressed with the sound of the Skogrand Cables room at AXPONA this year. These are not inexpensive cables -- does anyone have any experience with their products?
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I have purchased a set of Skogrand Vivaldi speaker cables (used). I have an Octave V70 with Kef  R101 and Thiel CS1.5 speakers to use with them.  I will report on my findings.

I am using Skogrand Tchaikovsky speaker cables and Skogrand Werner power cables. They are amazing cables. Best in PRAT. Got it used. Otherwise very expensive. For me they are end game cables in my system (along with Hemingway Z core beta, Echole Omnia and Ansuz C2). 

I like their website because it details the important features - like

  1. Solid UP-OCC wire for fast dynamic performance
  2. low dielectric constant - for clarity and details
  3. Conductor spacing cable geometry - for low noise floor

These are the things that make for great cables.

They are extremely expensive and there are way too many models, making it difficult to assess which one is best other than by price🙄

So if money is on object then these are the cables for you

For the rest of us there are more affordable options like

  • In-Akustik - great cable geometry for low noise
  • Zavfino - they use UP-OCC copper for fast dynamics

Regards - Steve



Feel free to join us over on the Thiel Owners thread. I look forward in reading more about your CS 1.5 loudspeakers and system.


Happy Listening!