This is the second time I bought from them, the first one is Marigo apparition digital cable, last Wednesday I bought Red Rose r3 Speakers, it’s their summer sale, both went well, amazing  packaging , excellent communication,Good price, Fernando and Elliot White are class act , thank you. 


I purchased a mint Audio Research CD player a couple years ago which arrived exactly as advertised. It is still performing as they advertised. The packing and shipping was without a problem which I can not say about other experiences. The price was about average for the item I purchased. 

I would absolutely buy from them again based on the quality of their service and the honesty of their assessment of the unit.

There are a bunch of negative comments here which is no surprise for any internet based forum. Seems lately that people cannot turn on a computer without trashing some person, idea or business. It is the nature of the current state of peoples behavior which completely removes any credibility related to their negativity. 



I agree that their prices are outrageous and they seem to demonstrate little interest in working with a buyer to make a sale nor for even simple follow up. The weakening economy will adjust their price gouging downwards, just as its started to impact high end watch prices and used cars...

I’m a satisfied customer and have had nothing but excellent help and advice from both Fernando and Elliot. I’m willing to pay a bit more knowing that they are there to support me if an issue should occur and they rarely have. But when they have, Fernando has been able to walk me through and resolve it. I’ve an affinity for older Marantz tube gear and have purchased my 7, 8b, and 10b from them, as well as a model 19 and Thorens TD 125 mkII. When shopping these 50 year old pieces online, I can always find less expensive examples for sale, but I question the originality and condition. When purchasing from Skyfi, I’m confident that any issues have been sorted and addressed in manner consistent with the original design and intent. That peace of mind and support comes with a price I’ve no regrets paying.




Please, I bought a very clean McCormack DNA 1 with a R1 upgrade for 900 bucks, rt here on Audiogon: their price for a dead stock one $2,000.  My, As New - Cal Audio Labs CD with remote $475 theirs $1,100.


The are SO INSANELY overpriced they should be committed.

For their comically over priced gear the LEAST they can do is pack it nicely.....


Hey lets buy a super clean Pioneer Elite rack system for $22,000!!


I guess if you have tons of green to burn and have no ability or patience to search  (or are a  dentist) then this is your place!!!

Lets by someones wife's used BMW too from them while we are at it.


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