Skylan stand for Compact 7 ES-3

Where are people buying their Skylan stands? Direct from manufacturer? From a reseller? What prices are you being quoted including shipping? Going back a few years it seems Skylan prices have definitely been rising. Sure would like to find someone selling a pair used, and I'm sure I'm not the only one to think that. During the housing bubble contractor speak was raw material price was rising and inventory was tight, thus the price gouging - then when the bubble burst the contractors labor and material costs really fell as they begged for jobs. Sometimes you have to wonder if there isn't a lot of BS hovering around the old "supply and demand" line.
I buy Skylan direct from Noel. His prices seem very reasonable to me (on the website, they are listed in Canadian dollars, by the way).
I think the Epos open-frame stands work exceptionally well with Harbeths, if the 20" height will work for you. Check them out.;jsessionid=0a0101431f43e8ea122b15f4436ca3b695aa95eae113.e3eTax4KaN0Le34Pa38Ta38Pb310?it=A&id=2296&sc=7&category=904
I got mine direct from Noel, he is a good guy and I found him reasonable on prices.
I purchased my Skylan stands directly from Noel. His stands are exceptional as is his customer service. As for his prices, I think they're an absolute bargain for what you get.