SL1200G - Tonearm shape from side question for owners

I’m sure this is a silly question, I just bought a SL1200G, I’m used to a flat tone arm. This one seems to curve down a bit then flatten out where the head shell attaches. 

This is normal I assume? From back to front it seems to swoop down a little. It’s not flat. 

With a nicer headshell and a herbies mat, Dynavector 20x2 w/VAS Boron cantilever & Elliptical stylus it sounds amazing. I’m waiting on the custom protractor made for this table to ensure it’s lined up right. 


What headshells have you tried tried? Many of the aftermarket ones I've seen are quite heavy.  

Do you mean to say the tonearm, when viewed from above, has an S-shape?  Or that when viewed from the side, it is not more or less flat?

Viewed from the side it’s not more or less flat. It has a very slight downward curve in the middle viewed from side.