SL1200GAE New Tonearm

Want to change the stock arm. Looking at a triplaner 9" vii any other one around $3500 new used . No preferences in particular.
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jtsnead- I am using the ortofon LH4000 with the Delos. I am using the headshell wires that came with the LH6000 and also a Orsonic 200 gram record Clamp  With the Glider, I am using a Jelco HS-25 and with the Grace the Stock headshell
JTSnead-  the best cartridge for synergy with this table was the Ortofon Bronze.  The Delos is great as well, needs many hours of run in.  The Bronze was very good.  The Delos just tracks so amazingly that it is hard to take off of the table.  Patience is a virtue with it as it takes a long time to run in.  At least my copy did.  It does not hurt from time to time to use the demagnetizer.
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I love my Thales Simplicity II with my SP10mk3. 

This coupled with the Lyra Atlas SL is sublime.