SL1200GAE New Tonearm

Want to change the stock arm. Looking at a triplaner 9" vii any other one around $3500 new used . No preferences in particular.
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Dear Raul, I am waiting for you to back up your claim that placing the tonearm bearing in the plane of the LP is a good idea only for gimbal type tonearms, not for unipivots.  Please do explain why a unipivot would not benefit from such a design element.  Moreover, these days there are almost no pure unipivots left on the market.  Nearly all unipivot-like tonearms are now employing secondary bearings to stabilize the unipivot.  How would you treat this third category?  Thanks.
I just had an experience with the 1200G which, IMHO, has to do with the internal tonearm wires.  I have had my table for about 4 months and after considerable listening, the sound just opened up immensely.  It was very good before this happened.  Now it sounds simply incredible.  I bet its the wires in the tonearm.  They must take a long time to run in.  very deep and accurate bass and the sound just relaxed a bit.  This with a Lyra Delos.  
That is about right, mine opened up became more musically solid after couple hundred hours

one of my questions regarding the Technics arm is how were they able to bend it?  It is magnesium?
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