Slate under speakers?

My system - listening area is on a suspended floor loft. Wood floor with carpeting on it. As a trial/experiment I currently have formica covered countertop sink cutouts under each of my Snell Type AIII's. No spikes...just sitting on top of the carpet. The difference was an easily noticable tightening up of the sound...more I'm looking for a more permanent solution.

I came across some slate slabs (1 inch x 22 x 34 inches) that would would fit under the speakers nicely. Has anyone used slate in this way? If needed I could spike the platforms into the floor.
After much experimentation, I ended up with a similar solution for my previous room. The speakers were spiked onto slate for stability, which was then resting on carpet/pad which provides decoupling. Decoupling the speakers from the suspended floor reduces the ability of the speakers to drive the floor's resonant frequency. Do not spike the slate to the subfloor, as it will negate the decoupling.

Incidently, I kept the same slate in place over carpet in my current room despite the fact that the floor is concrete. It still provides the best and tightest bass.
OK no laughing. A few years ago, I wanted to raise my Hales Rev 3s a bit as I am tall and so is my chair. I have been using this cheap tweek with great results. I purchased a pair of 12" square cement path stones each about 2" thick. Each is placed on four hockey pucks, one at each corner. The Hales are on top with their spikes. Not only are they higher, but they sounded better to me and the base tightened up as well. Cost probably less that $20. The results: priceless. I did paint them black for that high end look.
Woodman...Get them cryogenicly treated and you'll never have to feel inferior again !!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you're not afraid to move things around, I suspect various types of materials placed between the feet of the speakers and the materials being used atop the carpeting will yeild various results.

Sorry ... hate to put it that way but that's my exp thus far with speakers on similar florring... not attached to a slab.

I've read here everything from exotic woods as platforms, pavers as listed right here, slate, boxes filled with sand and other sutff atop that... with spikes and without... with soft poly materials, even read a thread here where the idea of hanging them from the ceiling was submitted.


There will be differences using different methods, as there will be raising and lowering their overall height to that of your own ears... so the deal is to see what's best for you and in your own confort zone of attempting.

I've found adding another piece of carpeting over some new deep dish carpeting I recently had put in, and setting a piece of plywood on top of it all and spikeing the speakers to that does a fine enough job for me... for now.

The bass certianly became less boomy and it did not make the highs thin or etched.

I'm doing that with every speaker in the room, rears, mains, and center (once I get that stand built to the right height)... I'm still figuring that one out.