Slight Hardness on LP's

Hello FriendsI'm very happy with my set up, but on some LP's, and maybe overall, I found the sound, a bit harsh, e.g one some live records, the clapping, of the audience, is not natural!!, but at the same time the Bass, is great!!, my phono stage, and preamp, and monoblocks are all solid stage!!, do you think, maybe to go with a "tube preamp", might solve this!!, or will it spoil the great bass!!, Friends I live down on the far south coast of Australia, my closest Hi-Fi shop is 3 hours drive, from me!!, Is there a tone control, unit out there, or will this, smudge the nice cymbals??Hoping someone out there, can help??, My System is bellow, thanks in advance!!Source: "Once Analog" TT, "Aust" made, mated with the "Wand Tonearm" New Zealand, made, with a Dynavector DV-20X2L low output cartridgePhono Stage: Vacume tube logic made in Switzerland (solid statePre Amp: P.S Audio, and Dac, in one unit!!Mono Blocks: "Channel Islands", which I love!!, they are rated approx 170 WPC per channel, maybe this might be the problem, as the speakers are rated at I think 98 ohms, too much power??, I think they were designed, for fewer watts??I don't know!!, someone told me you can never have too much power, regardless!!Speakers: Zu Soul's MK 2Cables: Telos speaker cables, PAD and Harmonic Tech interconnects, RCA's, from TT, to Phono Stage, RCA's from phono Stage, to Pre Amp, Balanced from pre to "Mono Blocks"Friends, I know, this a long question, but want to get everything right, as we all "Enjoy the Music" !!ManyThanksDavid SpryAustralia

Call Mick at Supratek. Australian preamps or combo phono/preamps.  You might check his blog. Easy to find on the internet.
He makes 6SN7 preamps and 300B direct heated triode preamps as well. 
Some good ideas above to try before buying gear.

Unclear if this is a relatively new to you system or not?

Also what acoustic treatments do you use? 
Are you all copper in the interconnects and speaker cables?

Is it your ears changing -as in "the system was sounding fine
for months/years until recently"?  Or it has always sounded this 
way (harsh) sometimes and now it is time to do something about it?

Through the years I have found the sound quality of LPs to vary radically especially on rock music.  Back in the day, I had reportedly good quality turntables ... both belt drives with separate highend arms and a couple of Denon AC direct drives, one with a Magnapan arm, a Dynovector Ruby moving coil cartridge and a separate phono amp for that cartidge and some disks just sounded terrible. (For a long time I had 3 turntables. I am down to 2 now.)  If most of your LPs sound edgy I suspect something is a miss in your setup. Some cartridge / arm combinations just don't work.  A slightly worn stylus creates problems. The tiniest bit of lent causes midtracking. Static is an issue. With loud music and subs lack of enough turntable isolation can cause mistracking. 60 cycle hum can be a problem.  With a great recording, a great pressing, a perfect setup and superior LP components,   an LP can sound wonderful.  In the end, however, nothing can fix a bad recording or a badly pressed LP.  While the lowly CD format has it's own issues,  for me, it is much easier to live with in the long run.
 Hi, David. As you have already been suggested by some fans, it is very important to register the LP and if we talk about pop-rock music, unfortunately, recordings are valid especially in the live versions are few. If you can detect with sound level meter and disk test would be ideal, if you can't, then you could try with recordings of some master discs. In Italy there is the "Fone 'Record", which makes excellent recordings with analog tube system, you can go to their site and check.
Greetings from Italy
Davide Giovanetti ...