Slow Shipping Question - UPS

For some of you who do more buying/selling and shipping then me, I ordered my DAC from Benchmark and it shipped 11/8/22 from NY to SW U.S.  Benchmark shipped promptly.  UPS should take about 3 to 4 days, and my amp from Benchmark about a month ago took 6 days.   UPS said it would be delivered on 11/14 but now updated it to 11/21 or 11/22 (changed yesterday to 21st).  This is now 13 to 14 days out.  Is this cause for concern?  Any one else seen this long for a ship time of a new product within the US.  I wonder if it is sitting in a warehouse or did it get mis-shipped to Nigera.  



You should be able to look at a detailed shipping update using the tracking no.  That should show where it’s been since it was shipped.  Maybe weather is a factor.

The answers  you need are not going to be found posting here. More speculation from others isn't going to resolve your angst