SLP-05 and MC-275

Hi, everyone!
I need some advice!
I have Cary Audio SLP-05 preamp and Macintosh MC-275 amp. I like how it’s sounds with my B&W 805d3 speakers.
Maybe if I change MC-275 to Cary Audio CAD-120S mk ii, I’ll get better sound? It will be better synergy between preamp and amp?I don’t have possibility to compare both amps. 
i have heard that MAC amp on a few occasions and never liked what I heard.  
I do have the Cary SLP 05 and love the sound driving my Parasound a21+ solid state amp with Harbeth speakers.  the combo does it all, tube warmth yet excellent transparency, dynamics, big 3d sound stage, high end refinement and you never run out of power.  
never heard the Cary but i see them used fairly regularily.  
another amp i can recommend over the Mac is the Rogue Audio Stereo 100 KT120 based.  Super clear, powerful and dynamic.  
Aslo consider the Benchmark AHB2 or possibly dual mono AHB2s.  well regarded sound quality.