small amp

I'm looking for a smallish amp for a cabinet with some depth restrictions. This is for a kitchen system and I've got 15" max depth to work with. Right now I'm running a vintage Nikko receiver, but I've got an old Rotel pre and tuner I'd like to use. If I can't find an amp to work, I'd like to find another vintage receiver to fit. Anyone have any suggestions????
The onkyo cr515 is a good one, but its hard to find. (i have seen it available on UK)
I memory serves me an Adcom GFA535 series 1 or 2 should work. Also a Rotel RB850, which should also match your gear. Both good sounding units at the power/price points.
Patek sand amp by Peter Daniels/Audio Zone. You can hold it in the palm of your hand (almost).