Small and Excellent Speakers

After demoing the new B&W Signature Diamond speakers, I'm convinced that small is not always bad. Their limited edition speakers are a 2-way floor standing loudspeaker with an effortless and sweat sound. Their Dimensions are:
36.6 x 9.1 x 14.8 (H x D x W) in inches. Weight: 55 lbs. Unfortnuately they are $18,000/pair.

I am looking to replace a set of 1991 JBL L7 loudspeakers with a smaller set of floor standing loudspeakers. They will be driven with a McIntosh MC402 solid state power amp (400w) and a McIntosh C2200 tube preamp.

Question for all:
Are there other small-footprint speakers that sound excellent and are less than $5,000?

Thank you.
Greg, check out the Morrison Audio Model 7 speakers. These small-footprint point-source omni-directional speakers are unlike the conventional box design. They image like crazy: they sonically "disappear", and there is no endless searching for the "sweet spot" in the listening space. They are considerably under $5000!

Check them out at
KCS new SEAS exotic equiped loudspeakers. Retail $4000 incs shipping these since factory direct compare to others $12000 models. They do not require lots of power but I used on my Audio Valve challengers 180 watts with great results. The KCS exotic is point source phase and time correct.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. I just went through last year's Absolute Sound's Buying Guide.

Some of the speakers suggested here are also mentioned in their list.

What do you folks think about the following speakers:

Thiel CS2.4 - it seems that these are very hard to positon, but when set up properly really sound great($5,000).

PSB Sychrony One - these are fairly new and wouldn't be in last year's reviews, but they seem to have great reviews this year ($4,500).

I've not auditioned them, but they are on my short list.