Small Dedicated Listening Room???

My dedicated listening room is very small (12D x 10W). Because of this I have no choice but to listen in the nearfield. I would like to know if anyone else is challenged with similar listening enviroments and advice one might have reagarding speaker placement, room treatment, tweaks, etc. Thanks...
Rather than a challenge, try to turn your feelings on this to see it as a blessing. You can save a LOT of money, and still have sound to die for! You no longer need BIG speakers, OR megawatt amps. You can run a smaller amp from a great manufacturer of your liking. Most people say these usually sound better than the bigger models. You can go for tube power, if that's your bag. And if it is, you can use an EL34 or SET based amp, which wouldn't fill in a bigger room. You can go in so many great directions that your head will spin. But the bottom line is you can assemble a KILLER system in a small room, if you have an open mind, and a good ear. Good Luck!
I have a pair of B&W Nautilus 805 speakers in a 12' by 13' room. Bass, while not as low as in the Hales Rev 3s that I'm selling, is quite sufficient. I agree with the above comments, that you should be thankful for these circumstances, particularly because there are many great sounding low powered amps than high powered ones. It's amazing how little perceived difference there is between 50 watts and 25 watts. I bet you could get by with 25 to 30 watts per channel, assuming that your speakers are reasonably efficient. Good luck.
Acoustic treatments are your friends in that sort of a situation. If you treat the room, there is no reason that it should sound poor.
Try the Audio Physic method at Works well for nearfield listening.
I also have the Nautilus 805's and suggest a REL sub. They are extremely musical and keep time perfectly with the B&W's. The Strata III is not huge and is amazing. It does more than add the low frequencies, it adds dimension and realism, and goes a long way if you also decide on 5 channel sound in the future.