Small, Effective Subwoofers?

In a recent speaker thread that I started there were lots of suggestions of adding a couple of subwoofers to my system. As with my speakers (Legacy Signature SEs) I have little room to place subwoofers They will need to go directly to the left or directly to the right of the main speakers. To the left the maximum height would be 12". 12’ would be great on the outside as well, but I could squeeze a slightly bigger unit in there. Would two 12" subs be sufficient here, or would they be too small for this set up?

If 12’ is OK, do you all have any reasonably priced suggestions as did @nevada_matt withe his 2-10 offering from Tekton. I would have never found those on my own, thanks Matt!

I would be super open to some used subs as a cost savings measure here.




I use three Rel subs (two T5's and one T7) plus one SVS PB2000 along with a Musical Fidelity M6si integrated as well.

So you know, 4 subs are better than two and putting the subs right next to your speakers is risky at best. If you are experiencing low frequency issues without the subs, it may be due to your speakers being in a less than ideal position for bass reproduction. Placing the subs near to that position may do nothing to help because the subs will be in a bad position as well. Do a sub crawl and find where the subs work best.

I like my REL T5x. For the size of my room it’s perfect. Would like another one though. 😀

Small, Effective Subwoofers?

"There is no substitute for cone area than more cone area."

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I have a pair of Rel T/5x's paired with my Dynaudio Special 40's.

I put them next to the speaker stands where I had planned when I got them and after trying to dial them in did not like the sound. I then put them in the front corners, back corners, and eventually out into the room on either side of the couch behind my listening spot. Even a few inches off the precise location I set based on listening tests messes with the sound.

I have a nearly square room that may make placement a particularly big deal for me.





Look at the Dynaudio 18s. Dual opposed 9 in drivers. Reaches down to almost 20hz. Compact and transmits zero vibration to the floor. Very "musical"

I use it with my ATC SCM 19s and it is excellent .


Dynaudio 18S Subwoofer | ProMusicTools