Small, Effective Subwoofers?

In a recent speaker thread that I started there were lots of suggestions of adding a couple of subwoofers to my system. As with my speakers (Legacy Signature SEs) I have little room to place subwoofers They will need to go directly to the left or directly to the right of the main speakers. To the left the maximum height would be 12". 12’ would be great on the outside as well, but I could squeeze a slightly bigger unit in there. Would two 12" subs be sufficient here, or would they be too small for this set up?

If 12’ is OK, do you all have any reasonably priced suggestions as did @nevada_matt withe his 2-10 offering from Tekton. I would have never found those on my own, thanks Matt!

I would be super open to some used subs as a cost savings measure here.

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@kenstewart2005 +1

+2 (or 3 or 4,, lost count) for the SVS SB1000 pro.

I have dual SVS SB1000 Pro. Love ’em. Not to expensive, Smallest your gonna find for a 12" sub. The bluetooth app is a must (never gonna go back to "get up, sit down. get up, sit down" pain of adjustments).


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I have the Hsu ULS15 MkII and like it.  Makes percussion instruments sound very life-like.

I am surprised that you need subs with the Signature SEs as well, like others mentioned.  My step father has those in his finished basement (large) and they fill the space perfectly with a Rega Elicit Mk4.  I have the Legacy Studio HDs, and use a REL T5i, which I recommend for size and also their wireless transmitter!  My space is very limited and awkward for placement of everything, so putting the sub, "somewhere" was really the only option.  The wireless transmitter delivers the HI LEVEL signal and is pretty much identical to the wired hook up....only you can put it anywhere you want, or need for dealing with nulls, or placing "in the only spot you can put it!" like my set up.

Best of luck and let us know what you come up with. 



Add MJ Acoustics to the list. I use a Reference 100 with my Harbeth Shl-5. Perfect for covering the lowest octave.