Small Floor Standers

I'm looking to create a short list of speakers for music only. The room is 15x28 with 9' ceilings and hard surfaces, except a few padded chairs and light fabric window covers. The main listening area is 15x18 and the rest of the room is my kitchen which opens up to it.

Musically, I listen to rock, jazz, and a variety classical but no hip hop or electronic to speak of. The ideal speaker will provide smooth tonal response, good dynamics and importantly freedom from stridency which the live room will only accentuate. High SPL's and subterranean bass are not required but I don't want something that gets lost in the space. The speakers must be compact - 35" or so tall and not more than 8-12" wide and deep. I prefer floor standing designs because of the room volume and as protection against a 6 year old. My budget is around $1k used, maybe a bit higher for the right choice.

A few of my early thoughts are the smaller Spendors and Quad L series as well as Totems and Dynaudio.

The source will be a Squeezebox playing lossless digital and the amp is TBA, but will be matched to the speakers which I think should be picked first.

Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.
I'd make a pitch for my beloved Neat Motive 2s, but they are over your budget, and I haven't a clue how they sound with that stuff you have, so I won't.
It's funny you mentioned the LSi-15s as I would've suggested them except for the size. The Polks are currently installed in my system and I'm extremely happy with the sound they create. They won't be overwhelmed by the size of your room. Very nice looking also.
I am not sure I'm sold on their looks but they have a pretty cool modern appearance that could grow on me. From the midrange up they sounded smooth as butter. Down below it's hard to judge in a Tweeter; the room and placement have so much to do with these things.

What amp do you run yours with?
I'm using a Classe CAP-151 with a Toshiba SD-9200. The Polks replaced Kestrel hot rods which moved into a closet for now.
imo polks are more rock 'friendly' than more 'high end' spkrs for same $. more pronounced bass and 'crisp' sound. BUT, you mentioned you did not need LOW bass and brightness. unless you address room acoustics they may be a bit bright in YOUR space. at risk of sounding snobbish, polks may not be as capable of delivering the goods as you move away from rock n roll. most rock was poorly recorded and less 'accurate' speakers can overcome this. well recorded material will be better served with more articulate spkrs. just my opinion, you are final judge:)