Small Floor Standers

I'm looking to create a short list of speakers for music only. The room is 15x28 with 9' ceilings and hard surfaces, except a few padded chairs and light fabric window covers. The main listening area is 15x18 and the rest of the room is my kitchen which opens up to it.

Musically, I listen to rock, jazz, and a variety classical but no hip hop or electronic to speak of. The ideal speaker will provide smooth tonal response, good dynamics and importantly freedom from stridency which the live room will only accentuate. High SPL's and subterranean bass are not required but I don't want something that gets lost in the space. The speakers must be compact - 35" or so tall and not more than 8-12" wide and deep. I prefer floor standing designs because of the room volume and as protection against a 6 year old. My budget is around $1k used, maybe a bit higher for the right choice.

A few of my early thoughts are the smaller Spendors and Quad L series as well as Totems and Dynaudio.

The source will be a Squeezebox playing lossless digital and the amp is TBA, but will be matched to the speakers which I think should be picked first.

Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.
a little bit beyond your size requirements (but not much) would be a pair of psb silvers. There are a couple different pairs for sale right now, but they're common enough that you should be able to find someone in the chicagoland area selling a pair. A real nice all around speaker.
Veroman, have you heard the LSi15's? They're the COMPLETE opposite of what you've described. They're very warm and detailed. I'd actually recommend them for Jazz before Rock. If anything they're main weakness is lower bass.
I showed the LSi15's photo to the wife and she was not thrilled. Sine the den has my HT and it is everything I wanted the decor of the LR has been ceded to her.

I'll still get her in front of the the LSi's but she wants something the size of the Kestrels/ B&W CM4 (35" max, the height of a side cabinet)or else minis on stands. The latter would require a sub (Sunfire Jr)and will blow the budget but you only live once.

So, will a Kestrel HR or the like fill the 15 x 28 x 9 room as well as a good mini (Proac Tablette, Silverline 15, Totem 1 Signature) plus a sub?
the kestral 2's will fill the room.... but adding a sub in any situation with smaller towers can help. On impulse i recently bought a closeout M+K 12" 250 watt sub and cross it over at lowest point. sound is not fuller but there is a lot more deep bass feel.(duh) btw, did not mean to offend polk'ies out there, lsi are fine spkrs. and the warm sound described is exactly what i was attemping to define as more forgiving on poor recordings. for the $ tho i still think the kestrals are more true sounding and natural. they do need a break in period so be warned!