Small footprint.  Big, articulate sound.

For those looking for a small footprint speaker with a big, articulate sound - take a look at the Boenicke W8. I heard them yesterday at T.H.E. Show in Long Beach. Wow! I kept looking around the room for another pair of larger speakers.

The pictures on the website make the speakers look bigger than they are. About the height of a nightstand. DeVore originally designed some models for the NYC apartment dweller. These are even smaller. But very impressive. Check out the specs.


Cool. Thanks for sharing. I could think of a lot of applications for these. 

Having a small footprint and getting a big sound out of the speakers is a big reason why chose my Epos M22 floorstanders almost 10 years ago.  Now I am really enjoying my Vandersteen 3A Signatures, which has a richer and maybe even bigger sound.  Vandy's rule, even if they are not the fresh flavor of the day.

I hope Boenicke's speakers weren't designed by whomever did their website.


I attended The Show on Saturday.

Yes, those speakers did indeed, project a surprisingly big sound from a compact floorstander.

Throw in a couple of subs, I'd be content. Minimal real estate taken up

Since The Show is mentioned, I guess the last 2 years screwing things up, just have  it  is a big deal. Walking into the hotel, no fanfare/banners in the front of the hotel- couldn't even tell the event was going on.

Crowds were non existent-actually a good thing from the attendee perspective. Not for an exhibitor. I imagine the state of affairs is still a reason. I did feel a little weird being in a  small CLOSED room with more than a handful of strangers.

Got a couple of LP's cleaned at the Kirmuss booth(kind of lengthy process) and saw overpriced "sealed originals" of questionable value. 



I have heard both W5 and W8, they do indeed throw larger than life soundstage. I kept looking for a pair of subwoofers in the room :-)

I got my eyes set on W13, I think their pairing with an SET amp may result in sublime experience.