Small Form-Factor CD Player/Transport

I'm looking to see what's out there (and available in the US) as far as smaller CD units are concerned. Transport or Player, preferably front-loading, in that c.$1000USD range. Here's a short list of what I've stumbled across, thus far:

  • Pro-Ject CD Box DS*
  • Teac PD-301-X
  • Rega Apollo (but this is top-load, unfortunately)

The Cyrus Cdt...compact, sounds great. Yes, a bit deep dimension wise, but not very wide. A far cry from the full size audio lab it replaced. Freed up some space atop my audio credenza. Better yet, I got it brand new, $999...$300 off!

I also use my Marantz hdcd1 as a transport. It is 12 inches by 12 inches. Also sounds great.

Luxman D N150 

super small

$2800 retail but can be had for about $1,500

I have owned one for a year now with great results