Small form factor CDP?

I have a constrained space in which to place some kit and would like to add an optical player more capable than our blu-ray player. I'm interested in small form factor players, or transports, but find that many - aside from Regas - are infrequently reviewed.

Does anyone have experience with the Olasonic CD1 or Shiroshita CT10US? (Both are made by small Japanese firms but are costly.) Teac makes some small units, but they often include FM tuners. Of course, there are Rega Apollos, but I have missed several "standard" units for sale on Audiogon, while the "R" variants are outside of my budget.,

I'd like to pair the transport with a Shiit Modi 2 Uber DAC and YBA integrated amplifier, both of which I own. My speakers are Monitor Audio Radius 90s.

Thank you!
I have the Olasonic CD1.  It is a superb transport but remember it is only a transport and only has digital outputs.  I upgraded the power supply to an IFI power supply and that has helped reduce the noise but has made it sound a little bright.  Instead of adding a transport, I would just use your video player as a transport and invest in a better dac or a reclocking device.  
Thanks for the continued replies!

@akg: That unit looks great. I read the review and will scan for a used one.

@audioman: My DAC is essentially new, and the blue ray is a flimsy unit, so I'd like to keep the former and relegate the latter to movie duty, but I understand your argument.

@gdnr: My sentiments, exactly. Finding one that isn't $500+ has proven difficult, sadly.

The Bel Canto CD2 is certainly has a small form factor, though that player recently went out of production. Some Dealers may still have stock though. Another player that comes to mind is the Ancient Lektor (Prime/Air).