Small issue with one channel of my Krell Evolution Two Pre-amp! Any Simple suggestions???

I have a question regarding my Krell Evolution Two Preamplifier.

I noticed when I powered up my Evolution Power Two from standby today, I received the following messages on the front of my right channel unit.

First it said:
DC offset found

Followed by:
Checking Outputs

Followed by the following two messages.
Cast Out 1
Cast Out 2

Finally it goes to S1 which is the default output.

Then I can just hit the B1 output as usual to my matching Evolution One Mono Blocks.

Music plays as normal with no issues. Is there something I need to address? Should I be concerned at all. It would cost a lot to ship back to Krell from Canada and was hoping it was an easy fix from my end. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated. The sound is fantastic as always just the few seconds longer to boot up.

I rarely use the cast cables as I prefer my balanced interconnects more.
Depends on the age of the unit, which I’ve no idea.

More information is needed.

I suspect a cable or connection may need to be reseated.

there appear to be some bit of non-clarity as to which specific unit it is. More information, as in the full proper name, number of chassis (there are various models on that line, a two chassis unit, a four chassis, etc...

From what I’ve looked at, it is approx 2008 dated? so it probably is not dried out caps.

so, a couple of things, reseated cables and connectors in the internal chassis, and possibly a dc drift adjustment, or a voltage rail level adjustment.

All stuff that needs to be looked at by a technician.

I’d almost lay money on the idea that I could have it solved in less than an hour if I was at your place with some basic tools -not much more than a set of tools to take the top off and a basic multi-meter.

Ie, not a serious problem, is the guess... but it definitely needs to be addressed.

As it will slowly go downhill, that it will inevitably worsen, is the guess. Just my experience in different gear.. but a thousand times before, in similar and/or associated issues.

One thing you can do after a full power down and waiting period for the power supply to drain, is to check the security and connectivity of the power umbilical. This is critical to stable operation of the head piece, and this is a common problem with this sort of arrangement of separate power supplies, as they age.

A slightly dirty or loose connection on that umbilical will do what you are witnessing, if it is being a problem of any sort.
If you do the power down thing, make sure you unplug the Krell. Krell likes to have the power supply on all the time, even when on standby. 
Thanks getting back to me. I had changed the power cords to both the pre and power amps on Friday with custom cables. I took those out of the equation from the Pre-amps since the error message was coming from them without success. Decided to put the new cords back onto the preamp and try taking the new power amp cords off and replacing them with the OEM... Success. There must be a problem with the 20amp iec connector on the new power cords. It was very hard getting it to plug in all the way and is quite large and heavy and I guess doesn't remain seated completely. I'm just happy the issue is gone. Had me sweating.Thanks again for your suggestions.