Small living room speaker options.. Totem Arro?


I've recently moved into a small condo and feel like my LSi9s are just not working so well in this small living room (11x14). These speakers need to be a bit away from the wall and are fairly large in stature. I am also doing much more low volume listening now and feel like the LSi9 works better when at mid volume, otherwise it's kind of a sleepy speaker that isn't very detailed, especially missing much of the mid section when listening at very low volumes.

So what I want is a small form factor speaker that has clear and live presentation at low volume. From everything I read it seems that the Totem ARRO is a very good contender for this job, especially since it's small and loves to be close to the wall, which is where I'd have it for aesthetic purposes. 

My gear consists of a Classe SSP AMP2 (Class D), which is a 200w amp, so I think I should have no shortage of power. My pre is an Outlaw 975 which will probably get upgraded over the next year or two, but for now this is what I'm working with.

Would love to hear any thoughts on the Arro in this setup and any other options I might look into at this price point and size. Again, keeping in mind low listening volume requirement and lively/punchy presentation, although I'm not a fan of "bright"  speakers. 

Should I consider the Totem Staff? I would probably like it's tonality better, because it's closer to my LSi9 in the sense that it's a more laid back speaker. But I am not sure if it will work as well as the arro in low listening volume and it is also a larger speaker in terms of dimensions that also probably would not work quite as well backed up against the wall.

Any and all thoughts much appreciated! 
Small room, or big room - it makes no difference - the WaveTouch Audio Antero's are unbeatable.  

But, they do need some space around them to sound their best, which rivals about any speaker made.  

I haven't seen Devore mentioned here, the Gibbon 8 and super 8 come up now and again used for $1k and $2k respectively and are a smaller form factor for a floorstander, meant for smaller rooms (though I have mine in a larger room in near field and they sound great!) The 8 (not super 8) is front ported so you could put it close to the wall.
I find Omega loudspeakers really good at extracting details at lower volumes.  You could go with their Compact Alnico Monitor (CAM) which can be placed close to a backing wall.

The Proac Studio 148 are very easy to place ,they have down port at the bottom make them unfussy placement just throw them in the room and that's it.Very efficient speakers with huge soundstage and dynamics.