Small monitors for tv/music

Hi everybody

I'm looking for some small used monitors (300-500) for tv/music. They will sit above the tv in a recessed cabinet. I've been thinking about Rega R1s, Dynaudio Audience 42s, Triangles to start. Any opinions?

I know I won't get fulll range sound but descent bass would be nice. Any other ones to think about?


NHT Zero One's are a great starting point. Also a great value in the used market, black or white, your choice.
I use Triangle Cometes on stands for music/movies and the bass is better than expected and enough for my music. They are a little bigger than the Titus and so space would dictate. You can always add a small sub. The Triangle sound is top to bottom coherent and addicting. They are front ported for tight set up and easy to drive. PSBs are mostly rear ported but would also be a good choice.
You can occassionally find Ruark Epilogues or Icons in the $200-$300 range that are great small monitors.
I would honestly consider a pair of Linn Tukans. These are right around your price range and are a very good speaker that can be driven successfully with a wide range of amplification. I own many pair of speakers, some costing 20 times as much as a pair of new Linn Tukans (which I have owned for more than 10 years!).

Mine have been positioned on stands, on wall mounts, in shelving systems. They always sound good. Price is about $300-400 I would say.

I can tell you that I won't sell mine, they are good enough to satisfy me when I am in interim stages with other speakers whose cost put them to shame.
I've been thinking about Tukans or the older Kan I if I can find a pair for a good price. I've had other Linn speakers and have Ninkas now. I always liked how they sound and I've been curious about the small BBC monitor sized Linns. There are two pair on eBay right now for low staring prices.

Thanks for all the inputs!