Small or large sub for music

I've been using a pair of Velodyne HGS-10s to supplement KEF LS50s below 50 Hz, but I read that larger subs are better for music because the cone needs excursion.  Is there any truth to this?  I have a pair of HGS-15s that I could use to supplement the LS50s or Reference 1s (below 40 Hz) if I go there.  The HGS-15s do HT superbly.

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Two quibbles:

1 - Room modes ARE ringing
2 - Once bass traps are in place, DSP helps with ringing and nulls. .

Not going to argue this, plenty of professional acoustics literature out there. The bass traps help de-energize the rninging, and make DSP’s possible. You can even clean up nulls this way.

The combination of sub placement, room acoustics and DSP all contribute. Well done, they are lightning fast and completely organic sounding, and bigger = better.

However, poorly done, limited placement, no bass traps, no EQ, a small sub may often sound better.


I also have a pair of LS 50s that I have set up in a small unused bedroom. I'm using a JL Audio Dominion 108D sub that is down -1.5dB at 31 Hz. I added a second identical sub but found that it overpowered my small listening room and ended up returning it. I'm very pleased with the balance and speed of this single smaller sub.
I have a Zu Audio Undertone sub
it is a sealed sub, large, about 70 lbs, runs cool due to Class D, goes down to 14hz. They use the Hypex switching modules and a large 12 inch cone from Eminence (Kentucky). 

I run it with a pair of Zu bookshelves or with Dynaudio floorstanders. 
The main reason I like it is bc it is so effortless and powerful, so that the LFE integration is totally seemless. 
Hello dbphd,

Your username is familiar to me from other threads so please disregard if I’ve given this advice to you previously.

I’ve learned through research and personal experience that great bass response for both ht and music can be attained in any room by using a distributed bass array system of 4 subs that are placed not haphazardly or conveniently but positioned in a more strategic and progressive process which I can elaborate on if you’re interested.
I utilize a complete all in one DBA system called the Audio Kinesis Debra system that I bought a few years ago for about #3,000. I think both the AK Swarm and Debra systems are still at about $3K with a choice of finishes. However, any 4 subs can be used to create a distributed bass array system with similar results. The only caveat being a need for the room space to accommodate either your 4, or the somewhat smaller Audio kinesis, subs in your room.
The key is having 4 subs which almost magically reduces room bass standing waves that results in less room bass nodes in virtually any room if they are located properly. It’s actually based on scientific research done by several PHD acoustical engineers, Dr. Floyd Geddes and Dr. Floyd O’toole and others,
I started a couple of threads on these bass systems. Here’s the latest one that you may want to read for further info:
The beauty of deploying a DBA system is you obtain excellent bass response throughout the entire room without the need for any room treatments, equalization or room correction hardware or software.
The Audio Kinesis Swarm system(almost identical to the Debra system) was also reviewed by The Absolute Sound a few years ago. Here’s a link to that review:

I can verify that their review is completely accurate to the results I’ve achieved in my system and room.
I have absolutely no connections with Audio Kinesis. I’m just a very satisfied customer
There is much more to consider than just the size of the cone. The magnet structure, the amps power, the equalizer in the sub, and then the room, placement, etc...
Rel subs are some of the best out there and they have smaller cones compared to others, Plus, Rel recommends hooking up the subs so the main speakers run full range and the Rels just add to the lower octaves to the mains.
Personally I prefer multiple smaller cones in a sub instead of just 1 larger cone, same goes for my main speakers. Instead of getting a 15” woofer, I would get multiple 8 or 10” woofers.