small speaker for office

I'm thinking about EPOs 3, Silverline Minuet, ERA D4, room size is aprox. 15x18, using NAD 7155. My budget is $400 max. Listening to rock, blues, acoustic, of the three, the best or other suggestions. Will be bought unheard. Any thoughts??
One more option to think about.

Tannoy Mercury V1 -- $320 a pair

Really a fun little speaker that sounds pretty dang good for it's price point.

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Goldprint Audio
I've used Silverline Minuets in my office and can recommend them -- excellent and amazingly full sounding. Surprisingly, the Cambridge Audio S30 is not far behind, and for a fraction of the price. A great deal new and a true bargain used.
+1 for Era D4's. Astonishing bass response, accuracy for a small speaker. Love the heft when you pick them up.
I am on a similar search, although I would like a decent sensitivity so I can go tubes if I get there and willing to spend a bit more if I have to.

I agree that tannoy mercury are good, got my parents some m2 way back and they love them and I had m4 in main system for a while, very good stuff.
Consider Renaissance Audio(Morel)Piccolo. I doubt you will find better drivers in a small speaker for around $700.