Small Speakers For A Large Room...

I'm about to move my system into a much larger room - ~4,000 cu feet - but for domestic tranquility (I love my wife far more than my music) will need to keep the speakers on the small side. What options are out there in a large stand mount or slender floor standing speaker that work well in large room? I don't listen very loud, and will have a separate powered subwoofer, but mains that visually dominate the room are not an option for me.

If you know of small-ish speakers that sound large, I'd appreciate some suggestions!
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Doc77, I think Srosenberg has a right to know your affiliation with Vapor.
95% of your posts are cheer leading Vapor and you have stated you would be promoting at RMAF on the Vendors who post thread.
Evolution Acoustics Micro Ones. If you're unfamiliar with them there's a lengthy thread further down that's worth checking out. I own them and love them!!
OHM Walsh 3000 or 5000 are designed for a room that size. They have smallish footprint like monitors but are floorstanding so no stands needed. WAF is very good if the style in general is not an issue. They will fill the room with sound. I'd recommend a good 250w/ch or more CLass D amp for best results, also very small, efficient and good WAF. Wyred4Sound, DSonic, Bel Canto are just a few of the amp vendors worth consideration. I use Bel Canto ref1000m monoblocks with my similar OHMs and performance is absolute top notch.
Linn Akurate 212. When paired with a good sub dialed in just right, the 212's deliver big time. And, in any event, which ever monitors you choose, if you go with a monitor/sub combination, consider using a crossover, to take the bass burden off the monitors and let them do what they do best; and let the sub do likewise. Contrary to conventional wisdom, a monitor/sub combo done right can be sublime.