Small speakers for a small room

Currently I use Linn Kan (type 4) speakers with an LFD Mistral amp.
At that time I couldn't afford the Linn Tukan speaker wich was my first choice.
My 3 options for an upgrade:
Linn Katan, Spendor S3/5se and the PMC DB1+.
I listen mainly to classical and jazz in a small room.
I like my Kans but something is telling me there is better.

There are some very good small monitors available, and a moderately wide price range. For example, the Totem Rainmakers offer a lot of performance for $900 (retail); the Paradigm Signatures are also very good, but cost more than twice as much as the Rainmakers ($2200); and the Sonus Faber Cremona offer both fine sound and gorgeous cabinetry, but at a significant increase in price. All of these speakers will do a fine job with jazz and classical (altho' large symphonic pieces may present a challenge if you want high volume levels). Can you offer some further clarification on your selection criteria and budget?

The Paradigm is to expensive and not known in Belgium, Totem could be an option.
I like low level listening.
Neat Petites
AVI Neutrons
Linn Katan or Tukan
All three of these are excellent small room, low level monitors.
I really loved the sound out of the Katans, powered by a Linn integrated amp. I would say they are very strong at this price point.